Heartwood class, Heartwood class, what do you see?

This week the children have enjoyed going on a local visit, and walked a short way along Sandridge road. We talked about the different types of houses we saw, and commented on the similarities and differences between the features, e.g. roofs, detached/terraced, driveways, gardens, front doors and even alley ways. The children thought about why the houses were different and began to think about where people park their cars if they don’t have a driveway.

Thank you for the donations of cardboard boxes and we have used these to create replicas of houses that we have noticed on our journeys. We used our knowledge from our walk to add any extra features to make them look realistic.

Next week we will be continuing our learning about St Albans and will be thinking about the main landmarks. We will be focusing our learning on Heartwood forest and the clock tower, so if you do visit these places at the weekend or before we begin creating, maybe take a photo to share with us in school.

Our letters and sounds learning next week will be focused on identifying digraphs we have already learnt about previously; ck, ll, ff, ss and introducing zz and qu. We will be recognising and using tricky words no, go, the, and, to, I in our reading and writing. We will also matching capital/upper case letters and lower case letters.

Reading Folders

Next week we will be adding a new page to your child’s blue Reading Folder.

This will include Phase 3 sentences and questions.  Having covered all of Phase 2 before Christmas, the children are now working through Phase 3.  If you are unsure of what Phase 2/3 means, take a look in the Reading Folder where everything is explained.

Your children are now moving on to learn digraphs – when two letters make one sound, for example, ch in chop, sh in ship, and ng in bang.

We would recommend spending time each week working through the Reading Folder – it really does have everything in it that your child needs to practise.

For more explanation or ideas to support your child, please visit our Learning Together page.  This slideshow provides useful links and games to play.

If you’d like more advice please talk to your child’s class teacher or contact me via the school office.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Woolfson

Bring in your boxes!

Welcome back and hope you all had a lovely break. In Heartwood Class we are learning about St Albans and our local area. We looked at the Cathedral, Clock Tower and the museum. We used Google Maps to have a look at our local area and the roads we live in. Have a look at this great website for maps.

Next week we will be thinking about and describing our route to school, so keep an eye out for the things you regularly see on your journey to school. Encourage your child to identify these and talk about them, e.g. number and shape of the windows, the design of the door, etc.

We will also be building our own replica of St Albans town using cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes, so if you have any at home, please send them in.

In Letters and sounds we have just moved onto Phase 3 and learnt about j, v, w and x. We have been using sound buttons and tricky words he, she, me, be to write sentences. Next week we will be applying these sounds and learning our new sounds y and z as well as reading and writing tricky word was.




Last week the children enjoyed learning about Hannukah and were lucky enough to have a visitor to share with us how they celebrate Hannauakh in their family and the importance of the festival. The children loved hearing the story of the Macabees and also making their own menorahs, as well as finding out about how Jewish families celebrate. We thought about how Hannukah is celebrated is similar but also different to how people celebrate Christmas.

This week the children did an amazing job performing for a big audience, learning songs, performing lines clearly and loudly. When thinking about our performances the children thought about some top tips to be a great performer. So we hope that we spoke clearly,  sang beautifully, performed the actions and most importantly enjoyed ourselves with a great big smile. We hope that you really enjoyed it and thank you for your support in helping the children to practice their lines and song words.

After the holidays we will be moving on to a new topic, thinking about our locality; where we live, the street name and our door number. The children will use Google maps to find their streets and our school. On your travels around St Albans encourage your child to think about what they like about St Albans; their favourite places, places you visit regularly, places that they haven’t been to before but might like to.

The children will also have the opportunity to share Christmas news, the special things that happened, who they spent this time with and what they may have recived from Father Christmas. We ask that you send a photo in showing how they spent their Christmas holidays for them to talk about with their friends.


Christmas performances

This week we have performed our dress rehearsal for the rest of the classes in Bernards Heath and look forward to our first performance on Thursday.

The children did amazingly at getting changed into their costumes, but one thing to bear in mind is to make sure that all of your child’s clothing is labelled so that we can return all of the uniform back to your child following the performances.

Heartwood class have been working very hard with Churchill (Year1) and Alban (Year2) rehearsing their play ‘INN-Spectors’.

You may wish to practise at home with your child singing and acting their part. Can your child remember some of the songs and sing them to you? What actions can they show you?

Please help prepare your child for being in front of an audience. E.g. talking about not seeing you at every performance, using a loud clear voice, singing not shouting.

Christmas Decoration

It coming up to that time of year already! The Christmas tree will be going up in the hall next week. All children across the school have been invited, should they wish to, to hand make or bring in one decoration for the tree. Year 1 and Year 2 will be able to place their decoration on the tree in Miss Woolfson’s assembly on Wednesday (27th). Reception and Heath Class children will be given the opportunity at intervals through-out the week to visit the tree.

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