Global Families

The hall was bustling this afternoon as we welcomed a huge number of families to celebrate and take part in our Global Families event. We had countries represented from all over the world; Ethiopia to France, Italy, Hungary, Bangladesh, Turkey, America, Sweden, Denmark and so many more. World religions such as Judaism and Christianity were also represented. Nobody went home with a hungry tummy either, there was so much food to try!

A enormous thank-you to all the families who worked so hard and gave their time so generously to make this event a huge success. We appreciate all the effort that went into the cooking and resourcing.

Have a look at these lovely photos…


Whizz, bang, pop!

Welcome back from the holidays! This week we have been learning about fireworks and Diwali! Lots of children were excited to see fireworks in the sky during half term and even hear them at bedtime. Can you and your child think of some interesting words to describe the sounds they make and what they look like?

Together we read the story of Rama and Sita and how good triumphed over evil. We talked about how the diwa lamps led them back home.

In maths we have been exploring 2d shapes and described the properties using vocabulary – corners, sides and discussed how rectangles and squares are different. We used the 2d shapes to design our own firework giving reasons why we chose the shapes for the different parts of the firework.

Show and Tell has now changed to Tuesdays. Please remember to talk to your child about their show and tell and encourage them to bring in something they have made, or a place they have visited.

Reading Meeting

FS2 Reading 2019 – Follow the link for an overview of our Reading Meeting, taking place at school on Thursday 24th October, 9am.

At this meeting you will be given a new Reading Folder. It’s full of supporting materials to ensure that you and your family can work in partnership with us.  Everything you need will be in one place!

If you are unable to attend on Thursday, you may want to invite a family member, friend or Nanny in your place.  If not, arrange for somebody in class to be a note taker on your behalf and your child’s Reading Folder will be sent home with them at the end of the week.

If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Didn’t we do well!!

dsc00832-2-copy.jpgThe children have had a very busy week, sharing their singing with yourselves during our Harvest singalong, and have been thinking about others through your kind food donations. We thank you for your generosity.

Throughout the week the children have been finding 1 more and less than a given numbers whilst also enjoying building tall towers with a variety of objects and knocking them down. We loved finding out what number our tower could reach to before it fell down and had a go at writing this down in a ‘special message’.

We are becoming readers in our Letters and Sounds sessions, and now know s, a, t, p, i, n. We have been using these to read and make words and will be learning m and d next week. Encourage your child to think about the sound they are making. Mr Thorne is a great website to use to ensure they are making the correct sound. We will talk about phonemes and graphemes in our sessions over the next coming weeks, this will be explained further in the reading meeting with Miss Woolfson on Thursday morning at 9 o’clock.

Next week we will be reading ‘Owl Babies’ and thinking about different families. We will use the book to discuss the title, pictures, authors and illustrators and will do lots of book talk. This will link to our Grandparents afternoon on Monday. Don’t forget to let us know if your child has a special adult who is coming to join us in our learning. It will be an opportunity for your child to show their special adult what school is like now and the special adult may want to bring in pictures of tell stories of experiences they had when they were at school.

Have a great week

Wilderhood Watch

On Friday October 10th, the Wilderhood Watch team planted a hedgerow here on our field at school, in collaboration with parents, Year 2 children and the PTA.  They planted ninety saplings of Hazel, Hawthorn, Dog rose, Crabapple and Dogwood.

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The aim is to create an eco-friendly neighbourhood.  Click to see how they are working on The Big Climate Fightback.

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.

It’s definitely Autumn!!!

We would like to say Thank you to all the families who went on an Autumn walk over the weekend and brought in many objects for us to use during the week. Throughout the week we have made patterns, hedgehog pictures, used them in our counting and talked about them in our day-to-day discussions when looking at the seasonal changes that occur around this time of year.

Thank you to all the parents who came to learn about our Learning Journals and we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to share these with your child and have a chat.

This week we have been busy practicing our songs in preparation for the Harvest Sing-along on Wednesday 16th October at 9 o’clock or 2:45pm. We are already sounding beautiful and are looking forward to sharing our songs with you.

If you haven’t already brought in your tins for our Harvest collection, please do so before Wednesday, so that they can be collected and shared with those who need them.

Next week we will be consolidating our learning in Letters and Sounds; introducing new sounds p, i, n and developing our skills of blending sounds in words. We will also continue to identify tricky words in texts. In class we have been discussing the names of the letters as well as the sound. During your day do encourage your child to notice any letters or logos they recognise and talk to you about them. Also don’t forget to sign your child’s reading record when you have shared a book with them. More information to come during our Reading Meeting on the 24th October at 9 o’clock.

Another busy week in class.

We started our week with some Maths learning where we ‘exploded’ a number. This is where we discovered how many ways a number could be made. We looked at numbers of personal significance; 4, 5 and 6. Maybe your child could demonstrate how to ‘explode’ one of these numbers.

We have been developing our listening skills and this weeks focus was rhyming. We played games where we identified ‘rhyming friends’ and also read Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Lots of the children have read this book at home and it was a firm favourite across the class!

Thinking ahead for next week, we are focusing on an Autumn/Harvest theme where we will be learning songs for our Harvest Sing-along. Our learning will mainly involve natural resources such as sticks, conkers, leaves, pine cones, etc. We would really appreciate any contributions of these materials, preferably by Monday.

Don’t forget the Parent meeting next week. It’s really important that you attend either the Monday 9 o’clock or Thursday 6 o’clock meeting to give you the opportunity to learn about our journals and see them for the first time, also having the opportunity to have an informal chat with ourselves.