Time to celebrate!

friendsThis week we have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how lucky we are to have our amazing friends. The children have shown great care and kindness to their new and old friends in their bubbles. We have enjoyed participating in lots of shared activities at CIP time and Bubble A has particularly loved finding snails because of the wet weather. We have talked about which weather conditions snails prefer and investigated whether they are happy to travel on chalk. We have been exploring the snails lots; roaring at them to see if they go back into their shells, placing them on the back of plastic dinosaurs whilst we take them on an adventure around the Foundation Stage garden and even having snail races. We have also spotted some caterpillars and ladybirds and thought about how to look after them.

The children have also written some lovely sentences about themselves, as well as making a book for Ms. Flanagan, which she is hoping to put up in Spencer class for the start of the Autumn term when the children come into Spencer. Ms. Flanagan visited both Bubbles today to have a chat and begin to get to know the children. I know that she is very excited about September and I have told her how lucky she is to have Heartwood class as her first proper class in our school.

fruitsYou may have heard about our challenge in Bubble A… Every day during Snack time, the children have been trying to bring in a variety of fruits and vegetables to try. So far we have got quite a few different ones and Mrs. Jarvis has challenged us to continue to bring in even more different ones. So far we have had; apples, bananas, grapes, Satsumas, peas, watermelon, honeydew melon, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, kiwi fruit, nectarines, plums, apricots, peaches, pears, red cabbage,  carrots, mango, peppers, cucumbers, pineapple, and tomatoes. (I think I have them all) and by the end of the week, we want to see how many different fruits and vegetables we can have as part of our snacks. We have started to estimate what we think the final number will be.

celebrateNext week’s learning is all about celebrating. Maybe you can remember celebrating Eid, or Christmas, or your birthday! We are celebrating the end of the school year and all the amazing learning you have done. If you are at school you might play some party games in your bubble and if you are at home you might want to make a party for your toys! Read the plan to find out more!

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing weekend.

Mrs. Onyeze, Mrs. Atchama, Mrs. Jarvis and Mrs. Morehen

Celeberations home plan fs2 Week 12

Cut and Colour Uniform

Lockdown Memories Jar

Measuring Length

Party Invite Template

Party Invite

Planning a Party

School Year Memory Page

Things I’ve Loved This Year

Photos from previous weeks

We have been extremely busy in our Bubbles during the last couple of weeks and it has been tricky to include all of the great learning in the weekly blogs. So please have a look at the slideshow below. You will be pleased to hear that the children have been making the adults in the classes very proud; in their learning, their behaviour and their general attitude towards school. We also would like to thank you all for your support.

Have a good week

Mrs Onyeze, Mrs Atchama, Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Morehen.

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You’ve got a friend in me!

you've got a friend in meThis week the children have enjoyed taking part in our Bubble Sports Days. The two bubbles came together to participate in and be an audience for each other. We had a variety of different races; hula-hoop skipping race, relay race and two different obstacle races, where the children had to travel backwards, balance along a plank whilst carrying a cup of water, wheelbarrow slalom, travelling under a chair and hopping around a cone. As a class, we spoke about being a ‘good winner or loser’ and how we could act when either of these happens, and how our actions affect others. We really enjoyed reading ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ and ‘I really want to win,’ and talked about how the characters in the story found something they were good at and enjoyed.

The children have had a lot of fun this week designing their own obstacle races during CIP time using a variety of resources.

We also read the story of ‘The tortoise and the hare’ and talked about how sometimes a slow and steady approach allows us to achieve more than if we had rushed. The children then used their prior knowledge of primary colours and colour mixing to paint a tortoise/turtle using a variety of colours using green, brown, blue and white to ensure that two adjacent shell panel were different colours.

Next week our theme is Friendships and we will be beginning to think about our transition into Year 1, discussing our worries and excitement about next year. We have also had the opportunity to see Ms Flanagan from a distance and have had a chance to wave, smile and say hello. We will be thinking about what makes us who we are and what is important in being a good friend.

Friendship home plan fs2 Week 11

All About Me Flower

Friendship home plan fs2 Week 11

Look after Your Freinds – Song PowerPoint

All About Me Booklet 2

4 in a Row Game (numbers to 5)

4 in a Row Game (Numbers to 20)

All About Me Booklet

Emotions Board Game

Friendship Sorting

Sharing a Shell Stick Puppets

Sharing a Shell Words Colouring Sheet

Snakes and Ladders (1-20)

Ready, steady, GO!!!

Hi Heartwood class

I hope that you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we had this week. I have heard lots about paddling pools and ice creams! Thank you for sending in hats for the children, it really did allow us to get outside as much as possible.

This week both of our bubbles have been learning lots of new facts about minibeasts and sharing these in our writing. We have looked very closely at the features; legs, wings, antennae and pincers, and went on a bug hunt to see which different bugs we could find. We chose our favourite one and used our creative skills to make and draw these. In our Maths we have been focusing on doubling and halving numbers and also using +, – and = in our number sentences. Some of the children did an investigation to explore which numbers could be halved, something we had discussed the previous week.


next week would have been when our Bernards Heath Sports Days took place, but we couldn’t let the children miss out on this event. so we have decided as a school to honour these events and so our new learning will be about participating in different sports and races, winning and losing, setting challneges for others and learning about getting better at something. During the week we will be looking at stories that have a sporty theme, about how we can get better at something and finding something that we enjoy. We will be exploring capacity, using language such as empty, full, half full, etc and looking at ordinal numbers as well as ordering larger numbers in our Maths group times and Maths meetings. We will also be using the outdoor spaces to plan and make an obstacle course for our friends to try. At the end of the week both bubbles will be audience to each others mini Sports day. We will cheer from a distance and encourage our peers to do their best.

Blank Writing Frames

Changing My Size Song

Empty or Full Water Bottle

Friction Display Poster Instructions

Home Learning Challenge Full or Empty

Ready Set Go home plan fs2 Week 10

Inclusive Indoor Activities

Sports Day Medal Template

Matching Opposites Flashcards

Sports Day Word Grid

More Matching Opposites Flashcards

Tall and Small Song

Outdoor Activity Ideas Cards


This week Heartwood class have been thinking about what makes people special and the impact their actions can have on the world. We listened to the story of Malala Yousafzai and thought about making a wish to make the world a better place. The children made their own ‘magical’ pencil and used it for our creative learning throughout the week. We were then inspired by the work of Dorothy Vaughn and her plight to help get a rocket into space. We talked about believing in ourselves and that we could achieve anything we put our minds to and used this belief when using our mathematical skills just like she did. At the end of the week, we read Frida Kahlo’s story and made our own portraits. (photos to follow!)

Next week we will be introducing our new topic on ‘Minibeasts’. Already this week the children were exploring the snails they found in the side garden, or rather the empty shells. So next week as we spend our CIP time in the ‘Pencil Garden’, we will be doing lots of exploring, thinking about their habitats, thinking about the similarities and differences, and more. So all that extra learning the children did about caterpillars and butterflies during lockdown will really help!

Next week the weather also promises to be quite warm, so please remember to send your child in with a named sun hat and apply sun cream before school, as we will try to go outside as much as we can.

You would have also received information to say which class your child is in next year. I know that Mrs. Flannagan, Mrs. Keeton, Mrs. Jarvis, and Mrs. Hansler in Spencer class are definitely looking forward to working with the children, and some of those adults for the second year running. Bubble B children, I hope that you are enjoying being in your new classroom and are looking after it for the rest of Heartwood class!

Have a great weekend and sending our safe wishes to the children doing their lovely learning at home.  Please find attached the home learning planning for the next week.

Stay safe and well

Mrs. Onyeze, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Atchama and Mrs. Morehen

Cutting Skills Simple

Double Dominoes

Ladybird Doubles

Make a Bug Hotel – National Geographic

Minibeast Complete The Pattern Activity Sheets

Minibeast Hunt National Geographic

Minibeast Hunt Ticksheet

Minibeast Photo Flashcards

Minibeast Sentence Writing

Minibeasts home plan fs2 Week 9

Numicon Ladybird Butterfly Doubles

Very Hungry Caterpillar Resources Pack

Another amazing week at school

Dear Heartwood Class,

Wow, we are so proud of you all and all the amazing learning you have being doing all about oceans! We have written amazing sea creature sentences, practiced our adding and subtracting in a game of ‘go fish’ where we went ‘shark fishing’. We have thought about being kind and sharing after reading the story ‘Rainbow fish’, ‘Rainbow fish to the rescue’ and ‘Sharing a shell’. The children loved finding out about Manta rays, octopuses and jellyfish. Did you know Manta rays can jump and flip out of the water in pairs? Or that a jellyfish doesn’t have eyes, ears, bones, a brain or  a mouth? We also enjoyed watching the animation ‘A Whale Tale’ which helped us understand the importance of keeping beaches, seas and oceans clean and rubbish free. Our brains have all been working so hard and growing lots and lots!

After watching the story ‘While we can’t hug’, the Heartwood bubbles have sent a video to each other to say hello, written messages and today got to give a wave, do a joint dance and blow a kiss to our friends. the children loved seeing the other half of our classes! We plan to send more videos to each other in school to see what we all have been up to and keep in touch. We also made a PowerPoint to ask some questions about our learning.

Next week we are going to be thinking about people who have changed the world and celebrating diversity. We will be learning about the great achievements and the impact people from different races, ethnicities, cultures and religions have made.

Please have a look at the update 7 attachment, which is available on the school website. There is a selection of books, you might like to explore and read with your child, supporting their learning.

If you are at home, we hope you are all well and miss you. Keep up the hard work and keep smiling! We hope to see you soon x

Many thanks for your continued support. We all hope you have a lovely weekend after another busy week at school.

Take care and have fun!

Love Mrs Onyeze, Mrs Atchama and Mrs Jarvis xx

A4 Handprints

Acts of Kindness

Busy Bag Prompt Card

Count the Rockets 1-10

Important People home plan FS2 Week 8

Kindness Checklist

Kindness Discussion and Sorting Cards

More Acts of Kindness

Numbers on Rockets 1 – 20

Paper Dolls Template

Rocket Shape Activity – Maths

With My Own Two Hands

Managing Feelings at Home

Managing feelings of sadness, anger or worry at home can be very challenging for children. Especially during this unprecedented time of change and uncertainty. It is certainly the case that your child will be sensing these changes and anxieties in a small or large way and this can result in difficult and sometimes surprising or new behaviour. This can feel unsettling and frustrating. For some children they have developed techniques and strategies to manage this behaviour and for others this proves difficult, and of course there are many children who fall somewhere inbetween these categories.

As the intensity of staying and learning at home increases  for some families we have designed a parents/carer support sheet. The support sheet includes ideas to help you recognise, respond and support your child managing their feelings.

Zones of Regulation Parent. Carer Support Sheet

For children, we have designed a 10 page work booklet you can work steadily through to explore these feelings together. Inside the booklet you will find discussion points as well as activity sheets to complete together. These are starting points.

Red Zone Booklet Final

Mrs Steadman led a assembly on Tuesday all about the ‘Zones of Regulation,’ at school we call them the ‘Feeling Zones.’ It could be an idea to watch this again before broaching these conversations. Many children will already be familiar with the ‘Feeling Zones.’

Children might recognise the characters below from the film ‘Inside Out,’ a super film which explores feelings in a child friendly way.

See the source image

We continue to strive to work alongside you, by supporting your families and listening to your celebrations and concerns.